Grovia Wetbag Winner

September 4th, 2011

Thank you again for making another one of our giveaways a success! Who doesn’t love free fluff though!?

Okay, so the anticipated winner is: Debbie M! Email us at to get your prize. Congrats!

Labor Day Weekend Giveaway Alert: 9/2 – Grovia Tote and Pail Liner

September 2nd, 2011

Last weekend’s giveaway was such a huge success! Let’s have another one, this time with a special surprise; make sure to read the whole blog post for that information! ;)

Click here to find out how to enter our giveaway! - This giveaway starts at 9am CST on Friday, September 2, 2011 and will end at 9pm CST on Sunday, September 4, 2011.

This week we are giving away a Grovia wetbag and tote liner in vanilla. I’ve personally always been a fan of Grovia and our very first cloth diaper we purchased for our youngest was a Dreameze (from the Natural Baby Co). There products are exceptionally well made and hold up to lots of wash and dry wear. I love these wetbags and pail liners! This one holds between 4-6 diapers and would be perfect for someone who is going out for the day or to have next to baby’s bassinet for all those night changes.

*Use as a pail liner, tote bag or laundry bag. Packs up small and is easy to use with elastic cord and gusset. The elastic cord allows for easy use with your current diaper pail, keeping the bag from slipping off and when it comes time for laundry it turns into a perfect tote bag.

*This versatile bag also travels well in its small version in your diaper bag, keeping diapers tucked away while busy mom and dads stay on the move!

*Wash warm and tumble dry.
Click here to find out how to enter our giveaway!

BONUS ENTRY: What did Grovia used to be called? – Post your answer as a reply to this blog for it to count!

SUPER LABOR DAY SURPRISE: Refer someone to “Like” our Facebook page and you’ll get your name put into the ‘hat’ for a Sunbaby 4.0 diaper of your choice of print for gender. Make sure they post who referred them!


Sunbaby 4.0 Winner!

August 28th, 2011

First off I want to say that I really want to thank everyone for making the first BIG giveaway a success! The more people we get involved the more things we will be able to giveaway. And who doesn’t love free stuff!? :D

Okay, so the anticipated winner is: Amy H! Email us at to get your prize. Congrats!


Giveaway Alert: 8/26 – Sunbaby 4.0

August 26th, 2011

Sunbaby Diapers

Our first completely Blog based Giveaway is here! We are very happy to announce that we are giving away the super cute Sunbaby 4.0 pocket. These one size diapers fit very small and can stretch up really well for toddlers. They also come in some of the best prints. Winner gets to choose the gender of print they’d like to receive. Diaper comes with one microfiber insert.

How old was the son of the creator (Sun Pei) of Sun Baby diapers when she first started researching cloth diapers?

*To win, you MUST post here on this blog post each of your entries
*All entries must be made between now and 9pm cst on Sunday the 28th.
*Winner will be picked by and announced immediately following the end of the giveaway.
*Go to to get a complete list of the rules including terms and conditions
*Have FUN



To enter:
*Everyone gets one free entry just for reading this – go comment if you want to win
*Answer the trivia question correctly and post there as a comment (Hint: the question likely has to do with the subject of today’s giveaway)
*Link back to us – Post us on Facebook, Blogs, Forums, etc. – one entry each occurrence. Post each link as a comment here
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*Replied to a blog post in the last 7 days? Great, those also count as entries. Don’t worry, we’ll do the counting for you!
Sunbaby 4.0

Fitted Love!

August 21st, 2011

So I’ve found in my cloth diapering travels that there are two kinds of people: those who love a good fitted diaper and those who do not like anything that isn’t waterproof! Now, in some cases it’s true that not every babe can wear the same materials. Some get ammonia burns from natural fibers, while others are irritated by synthetics and microsuede. Every baby is different and each requires their own solution to keeping those buns happy and dry. I personally have found fitted LOVE. That’s right, I’m in love with the squishiness, the natural fabrics, and the oh so cute prints.

Now, I’m not one for showcasing any one particular brand really but I must say that I just purchased my 4th Megaroo’s fitted diaper and am more in love today than ever with their awesomeness. This one in particular is a ‘scrappy’ that she does. It’s basically a mixture of fabrics that she has surged together to create a beautiful diaper mosaic. My request in particular was that mine had some giraffes (my favourite animal). This one was a mimic of another one that I purchased off a FSOT that was nothing but scrappy giraffes. It’s an OS with a bamboo terry outer and super soft inner. Her inserts are superb and I would go so far as to say this is easily a workhorse fitted. It’s OS and fits my super trim 14lb baby well – and even fits my bigger almost 4 year old (a real feat in the diapering world!)

I find that for a WAHM not only is she priced well but her craftmanship is way beyond what I think one would expect. She is so talented! Now that I’m done gushing how about a picture?



So, how do you feel about fitteds? Do you love them but hate to cover them up? Do you love the plain Jane’s? No fitted love? – Tell me why!

(Meg from Megaroo’s did not ask me to do this write up but she was informed after the diaper was purchased and received. To shop with the company please go to: )