Q: What does this cost?
A: NOTHING! This raffle is 100% free! and only requires your participation The only cost associated with this is with Canadian winners where we request that you please pay shipping costs.

Q: I don’t want to do anything extra, is there anyway for me to just do a single entry?
A: Absolutely! To enter in any one of our contests simply submit a comment for the giveaway post. You may only do this once for each giveaway but it will entitle you to ONE entry into whichever specific giveaway you entered.

Q: So, I’ve read the “How do I win” but what do I do now?
A: Comment on our blog posts, refer a friend to our Facebook page, talk about our contest somewhere, or one of the many other things that can be found on the How do I Win Page!

Q: I’ve Won, how do I contact you to give you my contact information?
A: Email us here: support@winclothdiapers.com

Q: I have a suggestion of what kind of diaper/accessory/package you should giveaway, how do I tell you?
A: The best way is to email us but you can always come post about it on Facebook!

Q: I’m a WAHM or Represenative from a Diaper Company – How do I contact you about reviewing a product?
A: Feel free to always contact us at our email for all sponsor opportunities!

Q: I don’t like the prize I won, can I switch it out?
A: No, as awesome as it would be for us to give every single person exactly what they are hoping for we just don’t have that capacity. If for some reason you don’t want your prize feel free to sell it or trade it, surely someone will have the fluffy love for it! :)

Q: I already won a giveaway, can I enter additional ones?
A: Yes! You are welcome to enter every single one of our giveaways!

Q: Who is eligible to enter contests?
A: Anyone with an email address and who lives in the US or Canada (Canadian winners pay shipping costs!)

Q: What does being a follower mean?
A: It means that you either follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or our RSS blog feed – or some combination of these things. It means you like us, really really like us.
Q: How often will you have giveaways?
A: We may have them once a week or once a month dependent on participation. The more people who participate the more giveaways we will have. We will also have surprise giveaways for special events, a good reason to follow us!

Q: I posted a comment on the blog but it didn’t show up right away, did I do something wrong?
A: Nope! Each comment is verified to prevent spam, so give it a bit and it’ll show up. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure everyone is put in well before each givewaway.

Q: The website won’t load, I can’t find you on Facebook, and/or Zombies are attacking – what do I do?
A: Hang tight, send us an email and our people will help you. Oh, all but that Zombie business, you’ll have to figure your own way out of that! ;)

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